Last Minute Cheap Outfit


Being the disorganised and forgetful person I am, I had 2 days to put together an outfit for a birthday party with pretty much no money. But, I managed to pull off a generally cheap outfit that only cost me $40 (rounding up). 

My tip for last minute cheap outfits would be to purchase plain items that you can accessories and wear again. Try not to have something specific in mind otherwise it becomes a complete nightmare to find it, especially if that certain something is out of season or too expensive, just style as you go. 

x - R.A.D

Purchased items
Tank dress (worn as top) - TEMT (two for $10)
Tube skirt - Kmart ($12)
Shoes - London Rebel ($15)

Items From wardrobe
Leather Jacket - Lolita (not sure if this shop exists anymore)
Belt - Kookai
Bag - Colette
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