15 Signs You're a Shoe Addict


1. You have so much that it's hard to find a matching pair.

2. New car? New house? Nope. You save your money to buy new shoes. 
3. Taking a picture for Instagram turns into a serious photo shoot. 
4. It takes too long to choose which one to wear.
5. You own at least one ridiculously fabulous pair of heels.
6. A Shoe-lationship is the only relationship you want.
7. And you constantly feel the need to express your love for them.
8. Because it wouldn't hurt if you didn't love them
9. You take your shoe show-and-tell seriously.  
10. You know no such thing as an 'inappropriate moment' for wearing heels. 
11. You have so many, you sometimes lose them...
12. If they fit, you'll buy them in every colour.
13. You take time out of your day to admire your shoes.
14. If they fit, you must have them...
15. Hell, if they don't fit... you'll wear them anyway.

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