The Girlfriend Jean


The stylish other half of the boyfriend jean is here. A rather fitted, flattering and slimming other half!

If you're like me, never able to pull off the boyfriend but instead admired those who could from a distance, then this is a godsend. 

It takes a more classic and feminine cut, with a higher waist, fitted legs and designed to hug and flatter our features. 

Although I did adore boyfriend jeans, every time I tried a pair on, I felt I looked frumpy and for some reason, every pair seemed to make me look like I'd pilled on 10kg overnight... Definitely not something I wanted, so I played it safe and stuck to my beloved skinnies. But this classic take on the boyfriend jean is definitely a trend I can jump on board with!


So, is it time to break up with your boyfriend jeans?
Yes. Yes it is.


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