5 shades of rouge


I've always had a special spot in my heart, right next to my imaginary cat, for the classic red lip. And if you feel the same, you'll understand that it's the way it makes you feel, the way it completes your makeup, the fact that there's two times in the year you feel obligated to wear it no matter what, and the way it makes your teeth look whiter (unless, off course, it's staining them). If you're still on the same page as me, then you'll definitely have that one red lipstick that's con caved to the shape of your lips and you can apply without the assistance of a mirror (which, really, should qualify as a talent because it's risky AF).

It's such an essential to have lying around and will save you in almost every situation: Not feeling your make up look? Fix it with some red lipstick. In need of a quick confidence boost? Apply that red. Want to look fierce in front of your best friends friend that you pretend to like? Grab the deepest darkest red you own. Arranging an "accidental" run in with your crush? Pile. On. That. Rouge. 

The thing is, there's so many different shades to even comprehend and it wasn't until I spring cleaned my makeup that I realised I have an endless supply of nudes and just a handful of reds. After which, I sat myself down and had a little self intervention which went along the lines of: "Roula, you need to buy more reds" (moving stuff, I know). 

And so after slight panic and feeling like I'm missing something in my life, I derived a wish list of red lipsticks I need to feel complete.

5. RED BURLESQUE Imogen Kelly $36

Pout on xx RAD

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