90's nostalgia | Bringing back the choker


The 90's were a time of ingenious fashion trends, scrunchies, crop tops, flat forms and of course chokers. Granted, yes, some things were slightly questionable, like rocking a Britney and Justin inspired all-denim-outfit, but lets just look right past that for a moment. 

If you've been wanting to feel a little more bad ass lately, but leather jackets are simply not 'floating your boat' anymore, then It's time for you to dig into that drawer. Yes you know which drawer, the one filled with junk and things-that-don't-belong-in-other-drawers to recover your choker! Or if your reading this thinking 'Roula, how dare you assume such things. My wardrobe is clutter free' then don't worry, I've got you covered. 

Check out these chokers that you'll surely fall in love with!

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