I went to VAMFF on a budget of $50


Well, technically my budget was $0 but I just couldn't help myself... ya feel?

I'd never been to fashion week before (unfortunately I always seem to be at my brokest when that magical time rolls around twice a year). Frankly, I didn't think I'd actually have the chance to go anytime soon. So when the gorgeous ladies from Fashion Journal asked whether I would kindly fill a spot at the evening Opening Event Runway, you can imagine how excited I was. I wasn't too sure whether I should jump up and down as if I'd won a million, thank the academy or vomit all over the table.

It was a big deal for me, but as I came down from my high (a few snapchats and multiple phone calls later), I realised I had nothing to wear and practically no money to spend. But In the name of fashion, I sucked it up and spent the last $50 of my pay on a denim Zara playsuit, #noregrets, and then freaked out because I didn't have shoes to go with said playsuit. 

When I buy something I automatically begin running images of a less awkward more awesome version of myself wearing it. And this less awkward more awesome Roula was wearing high rise ankle boots. But of course, with no money left, I had to make do with what I had at home. 

When that blessed day came around, I was exhausted from a full day of uni and just knew heels were off the table. But I had one thing going for me, the weather was overcast and it was slightly chilly, so I was more than happy to sport my fur coat, as you all know I live for the cold.

So I buttoned up my playsuit, tied my air force 1's, threw on my fur coat and walked outside to my car... Where I then took off the coat because Melbourne weather had done a complete 360 in that hour it took me to get ready. But again, In the name of fashion, I risked my chances of a heat stroke and possible dehydration for my outfit to look (slightly) en pointe. 

Denim playsuit - Zara $50
and the 4 cups of coffee that kept me awake.

Sneakers - Nike
Coat & slouchy clutch - Grace & Willow

I had the time of my life and I didn't come down from my post VAMFF high for 3 days. I'm sure everyone I know is so sick of hearing about how Gina Liano was sitting across from us, or how Elyse Knowles asked me to take a photo of her and her friend but I didn't know who she was, or how the show was just so damn perfectly choreographed. 10/10 would do again!

The night told through snapchat #VAMFFvirgin


  1. hahaha I love this post! I can't wait to go to my first fashion festival! http://www.fshndiary.com


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